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“You listened carefully and delivered on our customization requests to perfection. Thanks to your flexibility during construction, you turned what we thought would be a very stressful period into a genuinely enjoyable experience. Even after living in the house for four months, we are still in awe of the finished product and we thank you and your team for the professionalism you demonstrated in creating our dream home.” — M. U.


“After visiting many developments by different builders, we had many concerns. However, upon seeing several of your homes and speaking with their owners, we were truly impressed with your higher standards of quality.” — M. J.


“Considering all that you accomplished for us, taking care of all those intricate custom details and delivering such a high level of construction quality, it’s hard to believe that we broke ground just 7 months ago.” — J. S.


“We love our home more than we could ever have imagined. Most of all, we appreciate the 100% support from you during construction to meet our last minute changes and modifications.” — K. J.


“As a salesman myself, I put a premium on customer service. Yours made all the difference and, should I ever have to move again, I would insist on Girsh Development as my home builder.”
— C.J.


“Hey - remember me?  Michelle from Rahway?  Haven't spoken to you in a while!:) First, I wanted to thank you for the very very watertight basement you made for me.” — M.M.

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“About 2 ½ years ago, my wife and I set out to realize our life long ambition; to have our Dream Home built, in which we could raise our 3 kids.” — J.M and D.M.

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April 2007

“Hey - remember me? Michelle from Rahway? Haven't spoken to you in a while!:)


First, I wanted to thank you for the very very watertight basement you made for me. All around me, floodwaters rose, rivers overflowed. Rahway was an island last weekend during that monsoon, and we were trapped outside of it. When we finally got home, after fording a river that was Jefferson Ave in our Jeep, everything was fine. :)


Anyhoo, everything is good here. I love my house, and I couldn't be happier.


Hope everything is good with you. Please say hi to Len for me!





Februrary 2008

About 2 ½ years ago, my wife and I set out to realize our life long ambition; to have our Dream Home built, in which we could raise our 3 kids.  After looking at many new constructions, talking with several Builders and looking at too many listings, we came across this new Development under construction by Girsh Development called the Crossings at South Brunswick.


From the very beginning, everything about this Development seemed just right.  We quickly exhausted the Realtor with questions and it was suggested we talk directly with the Builder.  The meeting was set and little did we know our lives would forever change after that meeting.  My wife has vast knowledge of the New Construction Industry and during that initial meeting with Mark it became evidently clear that he knew his business, but more importantly, that he would be very professional and easy to work with.


We quickly signed a contract and at the next meeting our heads started to spin a little bit when Mark explained the entire process.  We remember feeling so overwhelmed just thinking of all the selections and decisions that lay ahead.  Then as if Mark had read our mind, he pulled out his various spreadsheets and gave us a disk.  He had all the required selections on a easy to read timeline spreadsheet.  It had everything.  It let us know what selections needed to be made and by when.  He also gave us contact info for all of the Material Suppliers and their showrooms.  His spreadsheet even showed us the standard selections and options.  We began to feel much more at ease but more importantly, I remember Mark telling us not too worry, that he would hold our hands throughout this whole process.  That really put us at ease.  Needless to say, we made all our selections in the time that Mark asked and as a result, construction throughout the whole build cycle stayed on schedule like clockwork.


Even the Material Suppliers were exceptional.  They were all professional, knowledgeable, reasonably priced and had great selections.  The more decisions we made, the more enthusiastic and absorbed we became in the process.  It quickly became apparent that there was nothing standard about our home.  We had chosen many upgrades and we were well on our way to having a custom built home.  I still can’t get over how flexible and patient Mark was with us.  He completely got that this was a once in a lifetime dream for us and he gave us the red carpet treatment.


As our Dream Home broke ground, Mark allowed us regular supervised visits to see the progress of the home and to take pictures.  No matter how careful we were in making our selections, there is still that anxiety that comes with wondering if our selections made sense.  Seeing our home develop right before our eyes, took that anxiety away and really put our mind at ease.  Somehow Mark got in our heads and figured out our style because he was always coming back to us with suggestions that we loved without it being over the top.  We were very honest with Mark from the beginning in telling him what we wanted and how much we could afford and he worked within those limits.   We somehow had a preconceived notion that the contractors would be a little irritated by our frequent visit but nothing could have been further from the truth.  We couldn’t believe how friendly all the contractors were and their workmanship were all top-shelf.


Even on the rare occasion of a Builder oversight or workmanship error, Girsh Development immediately corrected it.  It was more likely however, that my wife and I were the ones that had either made a mistake or changed our minds and even then, Mark or Leonard accommodated our fancy with a smile and they were always fair about the cost.  Another thing we noticed is how much pride Girsh Development took in building our home.  Even though a few of our neighbors  also chose the Cranbury III model, it is amazing how different and unique our Dream Home really is. There are so many options and selections that I couldn’t possibly see how 2 houses could look similar.  The other important factor however is the pride Girsh Development took in building our home, akin to an artist painting a masterpiece.  We honestly feel that our home was built by the Michaelangelo of the Builder’s Industry. 


I can’t say enough about Girsh Development.  Unlike many of our friends that have had their homes built, all our memories are pleasant ones.  All our friends and family marvel at our home and we can’t help beam with pride because we really feel like we were the architects.  We worked hard all our lives to earn a Dream Home.  Girsh Development took our dream, turned it into a fantasy and then as if by magic, made it reality! 




J.M and D.M.