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Custom Homes

Girsh Development has a special appreciation for landowners who perceive the ultimate dream home situated on the ultimate handpicked home site. We will meticulously craft your new home either from your own building plans, or from our portfolio of exquisite residences that has won the praises of homeowners and the building industry alike. In addition, we can also create completely customized plans, or modify the plans you present to us. The choice is all yours…and the pleasure is all ours!


Land Development

Girsh can help you develop your tract of land from start to finish—or any part in between—providing solutions and insights that will save you time, headaches and hassles. Our unique approach lets us view every project through a broad spectrum of factors, paying careful attention to the all-important relationship between design and construction, while closely adhering to scheduling and cost containment.


From site clearing and demolition, to utilities and curbing, to paving and drainage Girsh Development has the experience and capabilities in the most applicable fields, including:

Surveying: Applying the principles of geometry and trigonometry to determine the exact boundaries of the property, and the exact location of every structure and disturbance that occurs on the property (these can include the house, the driveway, the pool and any outbuildings). Surveying can also create a topographical map showing the various heights of the land and the depth that needs to be dug for construction.


Engineering: Taking a scientific approach to the ultimate goals for a property’s use and designing solutions to meet those goals. This can be as simple as designing a solution to building a house on a steep hill or as complicated as determining the possible environmental impact of a particular building site and how it can be lessened. The disciplines of Civil Engineering, Soil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and even Traffic Engineering can come into play during land development.


Land and Use Planning: This is done when a large tract is developed all at once. The land use and planning professionals design the access roads and streets to properly serve the new development and minimize the impact of new traffic patterns on the surrounding community.


Governmental Approval: This can be as simple as providing a development savvy attorney to represent the client at normal agency hearings, or as complicated as actually drafting the legal language necessary to meet Municipal approvals, County approvals, State approvals and even DEP approvals.

Private Construction

Girsh Development builds homes that blend beauty, functionality, floor plan efficiency and energy conservation. We work closely with you and employ the finest architects, interior designers and landscapers to bring your vision to fruition. You can trust the experienced professionals at Girsh Development to complete every aspect of you project in a timely, cost-effective fashion.


Note: Girsh Development is always in the market for land to be developed for residential use. Please contact us if you have any available land you wish to sell.